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Relief Care

As a new patient with Pennsylvania Chiropractic, you are here to reduce and eliminate the pain and symptoms that are accruing.  To fully achieve this you will be required to have daily visits or two to three times weekly.  This phase of chiropractic care is considered the relief care phase.

Sometimes pain is not the indicator that something is wrong.  Millions of people like you go about their lives believing they are healthy.  There are many conditions in the world that are very serious and have no indicator that they are present.  Some examples are heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or cavities.  Spinal problems are one of the few conditions that pain appears when the problem is serious and with chiropractic care the pain will disappear reviving you and providing the relief care needed.

Corrective Care

After the relief care phase is complete some believe that they are completely healed and have no further need for treatment. A medical professional would not stop treatment to any condition just because the pain has disappeared.  That is why the corrective care phase is needed to restore, heal, and prevent any recurring conditions.  You will not have to commit to receiving adjustments as much as in the relief care phase.  Depending on your condition is what will determine the amount of adjustments needed to complete the healing process. To help improve and accelerate the healing process you can perform exercises in the clinic center or in the comfort of your own home.

This phase can take up to a few months or to a few years depending on the seriousness of your condition. You may have soreness and flare-ups in the process, but do not get upset or stressed out this is absolutely normal.


Wellness Care

Now that you are healed and feel better than ever, routine chiropractic care will help to ensure that this feeling will never fade away.  Continuing adjustments is just like exercising, you keep up with your program so that your diet and well being is at its fullest.  We want to ensure that the health of your musculoskeletal system is at its peak.

The wellness care phase will prevent any more aches and pains with the benefit of living the wellness lifestyle.



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I simply lucked out when I found Dr. Thorpe The staff at Thorpe Chiropractic Works SC are amazing and very well informed. I was in so much pain when I first visited Dr. Thorpe, and after 2 visits my pain decreased by 50%! After a few more visits I felt 20 years younger! Thank You! Thank You!

Jim Derento

I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. I decided to go to Dr. Thorpe before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pain is 95% gone and my life has changed because of Dr. Thorpe. Thank you so much!

Terra Lee

From the time I walked in the door I was impressed! I was seen promptly, and Dr. Thorpe was a true professional. When I was younger I was in a car accident and have been suffering with neck and back pain. Almost to the point that I couldn't get out of bed! After 6 treatments I started to see relief, and today it's like the accident never happened. I've been seeing Dr. Thorpe for about 2 years now and I am so excited about the future!

Matt Willow